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C-Virus examination and analysis:
Well the C Virus proved to be "effective" in both ways of infection ... by these I quote the "Clinic": by a pre-prepared injection in the laboratory or even in centers of New Umbrella, and the "Massive": through attacking weapon. The C-Virus was used as we confirm by "terrorists" affiliated with New Umbrella in the attacking in China and the USA in the last month (previously tested in Europe), one of the great qualities that differentiate from the T-Virus is the ability to maintain the sanity of those infected (Las Plagas also maintains a level of sanity in the host but they can only receive orders from a particular person, and the only way to reverse the infected to their state of complete organic cleaning (for this I refer to a state which are totally free of "La Plaga") was lost in 2004 on an island in Spain, the method is risky and can result in death, so i also consider most viable use (currently) the C-Virus, with another load of the vaccine against the C-Virus finished, the research and development team isolated viral microorganisms which caused the conversion of a clean system to a system controlled by C-Virus after isolating the microorganisms the research team has been succeeded in creating a vaccine capable of converting a patient infected in a clean patient (this differs from most vaccines for common diseases that the goal is prevention) in 6 hours after use, yes infected in stage 1 or 2 can be cleaned but infected level 3 or higher (by that I mean the mutations in the arm or another type cannot be reversed), changes in level 1 (facial) can be reversed easily.
The ability to handling weapons and even vehicles it comes from a part of your memory that keeps common activities even as a normal activity, for example: A trained pilot of the Air Force if infected with the C-Virus he could still fly a fighter plane because it was a routine activity to it. Moreover the reasoning of those infected with C-Virus is very slow and they need a superior officer (not infected) in the field to order the positioning, tactics, etc ... which was not done in Europe "Even with my recommendations and the recommendations of the Center of Bioorganic and Biological Research and Testing", even in the attack in China, apart from commanders in the C-130 commanding parachutists forces in Europe and in China on the bridge of the aircraft carrier (until be executed by the "Shadow Cover") was recommended commanders in the field (it's amazing in a terrorist organization there are so many people which care for their own integrity, is so hard to find some people willing to fight until the end for something they believe?), maybe the fault of the attack didn't did many damage as planned was the lack of attention to the recommendations.
Another point was much considered is the very high "durability" of the infected subjects with the C-Virus, the regeneration effect of the C-Virus is one of the best if not the best point i found...  the ability of resistance and the most amazing is if badly injured one infected (clinically) of the C-Virus can replace limbs or organs with mutations (which is out of the control by the infected, but is totally controlled by the "survival" necessity of the virus), i also need to highlight the low cost of using a soldier infected with C-Virus and considerable usefulness he may have come to have with the right use.
The C-Virus was also used in its "Massive" way, that was out of the planned attack, we are specifically in China to locate "Jake Miller" and direct it to an official base for processing, cleaning and disposal. What would prevent any threat to the effectiveness of the C-Virus, which had been frustrated in Europe after the Carla Radames capture him and take him to China, BSSA response was expected and would not affect the direction of the goal, which caused him to fail was the escape of "Jake Miller", and after that his removal to the underwater platform.
Those infected by the way "Massive" C-Virus was featured in as they have a big difference of the "Clinic" way, we're still investigate what really causes the big difference between the way "Clinic" and "Massive", but apparently is a great resistance of the organism (for a short time) to accept the C-Virus by airways, after the body fails to defend itself, a lot of the C-Virus enters in the bloodstream and causes a serious damage to the heart, causing a serious brain injury, only primitive instincts remain, infected subject has the tendency to extreme stress (noise, bright lights, etc. ..). The infected by "Massive" C-Virus does not get the regenerative abilities but do not require any organ (with the exception of a small part of the brain) to remain active.
Our acquisition of C-Virus that was made in 08/12 after infiltrating the "Shadow Cover Unit" in a C-130 (a USAF plane) which was carrying 500 ampoules of C-Virus to somewhere in the south of Europe, the crew was dead and 100 ampoules acquired for our research (our first knowledge of the C-Virus was in 06/12), the plane was taken to a remote area, "Shadow Cover" jumped the aircraft and the plane fell three minutes later, 7 hours after it was reported on a television channel that an air freighter containing remedies had fallen and suffered a breakdown, Hazmat teams sterilized the site, there was no investigation into the fall ...
"I would also like to express my happiness with the research team after all analizes we could do about the C-Virus and its vaccine. I have great faith you still bring us more surprises."
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